Ok now Let's get Serious

My name is Olivia Myles. I am married and the mother of a beautiful 4 year old name Isaiah.

I envision enriching lives with hope and long lasting joy as I embark on an adventure to heal broken hearts.  My career goals are unsure at the moment as I am exploring all my options at UTDallas, but my current major is Psychology and I plan to further my education in this field to help families in their marriage and grief with the loss of a child.  I will help families get through the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone, losing a child family member. This road of helping people didn't just fall into my lap; my life's journey of losing my own son and facing the threat divorce as a result of an accidental drowning has lead me on a path that I would have never imagined for myself otherwise.

So here's to life and all it brings!
(I say this with a smile on my face)


  1. Hey Olivia! I know it's a been a long time, I'm bad at keeping in touch especially raising my son by myself. But I just wanna tell you I love you and miss you. I will be sure to keep up with your blog because I keep one on blogspot too. That picture of you and Isaiah is beautiful!

  2. That's good God has given you an awsome vision to help others, who may be be facing the same adversity. I'm mad at you, why didn't I get a pic of you and Isaiah like the one you have posted? It's cute! Anyways keep reaching to the mass. LOVE YALL MUCH! Remember Life is too short LET IT GO!

  3. Hey Olivia. This is Chanel. (remember me?:-) I saw your blog on Patty's blog and I had to stop by and say hi. Your pics are adorable and it sounds like you are doing really well. Feel free to swing by either of my blogs and say hi. Peace & blessings...