Happy Birthday Josiah

Josiah-Jordan Kenji Myles
February 11, 2005 - August 19, 2007
My Beloved Son

Dear Josiah,

My dearest second son Josiah; I love you.   It's been 1 year and six months since you died and it has been a challenging journey to say the least!  We live in a new house in McKinney, Texas, now -- I know you would have loved it if you were here.

I decided to blog out my life.  I'm hoping to spread hope and joy to the world.  I miss you.  I think about you quite often and I am always wondering what's going on with you.  I am going to college now, finally... I am going to be a psychologist!  I know it's a big word, but basically I'm going to be helping people get through challenging times in their life.  It is going to be awesome.  Your dad is also in school and he is doing great. He has a new truck and everything! Your brother is doing really well;  he has some new friends now and goes to school.  He's in preschool now -- can you believe it?  It is exciting to see him walking around with his backpack looking like a big boy; I'm not sure if you can see him from where you are, but he looks cool. I'm working on getting him swim lessons but it's hard to do so I may need your support if possible.  He may need some comfort from you if you can.  

I miss you.  I wanted to tell you again and again and again that I love you.  It may be too late, but I figured it doesn't hurt.  Do you remember when we went to Macaroni Grill and you were first learning how to drink from a straw? Well I do and it was awesome! I was watching  the video the other day with your dad and we had a good time thinking about you.  No matter what you think, I love you no matter what.  Thank you for bringing joy into my life with your smiles and fabulous hugs and kisses.  I haven't forgotten your birthday, I know it's today, can you believe you would have been four years old? Wow, time sure does fly when your living. Anyway, I may have a piece of cake for you today (or not- I'm working on my weight) but I will for sure remember you and honor this day as being forever your day. 

I will keep you posted on the progress of the family by writing you letters.  They may or may not reach you but I at least have to try.  I love you.

Until we meet again...
Your Mom

Olivia Myles

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