A Women of Wisdom Poetry

I came across Gloria J. Lathen and her poetry, she is absolutely amazing.  Her words have encouraged me and I'm sure they will encourage you as well.  I thought you may be interested in what she has to offer. 

I asked Gloria if it was ok to post her in my blog and she said yes; this is what she personally had to say: "My name is Gloria J. Lathen and I am in the process of creating A Women of Wisdom Poetry collection book. The book of poems will allow me to speak directly from my heart to help heal those who are hurting.  This book of poetry is a vehicle for me to encourage people to encourage themselves.  I give all my credit to God, as he has giving me this vision to take my life trials and turn them into healing opportunities.  You are not here by accident! Walk into your calling and fulfill it! Be blessed, and remember to trust God in all things!".

Now you see why I had to blog about this, her spirit is so amazing and genuine that I had to share it with you.

You can contact Gloria through email at or you can check out her blog at

So here's to your healing through poetry!
Until next time

Olivia Myles

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