Being a mom is a challenge

I am a mother of a five-year-old little boy named Isaiah. He is the most amazing little boy that I know at the moment. Now of course I'm biased because he's my son.

I am noticing that his curiosity and his love for life is challenging me to step up to the plate. Now this stepping up is not necessarily a bad thing; it's just different. What I mean by stepping up is answering questions with answers besides the traditional " because I said so".

He asks "why" he for everything:)

I want Isaiah to be educated and well rounded so I am attempting to come up with an answer that soothes his curious bug.

For example, the question arises today " mommy why do I have to take a bath?"

Now my first response was "because  I said so."

Then he asked "why"  again.

I said so that "because you don't be a stinky little boy."

Then he said "but I like being in a stinky little boy and I don't want to take a bath."

So here I am forced to explain to my five year old curious minded son how important a  bath is.

Here's the explanation that came out of that; "if you don't take a bath you'll be the smelly kid in class and no one likes a smelly kid. You won't have any friends and no one will want to sit next to you in the lunch room while you're eating lunch."

His facial expression was interesting to say the least!

He decided he does not want to be the smelly kid in school and therefore would take a bath!


So here's to bathing five-year-old little boy's so they are not the smelly kid in class!
Olivia Myles


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  2. Very cute. I said that to my daughter about brushing her teeth in the morning before she goes to school. She said it was fine with her :)

    Following you from the MBC! Looking forward to reading more!

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  5. LOL! No smelly boys allowed! ;-)

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  6. I am glad he doesn't want to be the smelly kid in class : ). My 9 year old could care less about being the smelly kid. He just HATES baths and showers with a passion... So odd : ).