Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to say to all the mothers, Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a sensitive day for me because I lost my son two years ago.  I still sometimes question "am I a good mother?"  While I was waddling in self pity and guilt, I realized that being in this place is not healthy for me.

You don't have to stay in that place either.  

It doesn't matter what happened in the past.

If you are a mother or a mother- like figure to someone (dead or alive), it is time to celebrate!

Focus on the good that you shared and the good that you have in your life, with that focus you will be able to move out of that place of guilt and pity and into a place of inner Joy.

I'm not sure what your up against today if anything but I will say that you can make it.

You can make it.

You can make it.

You can make it.

So again I say Happy Mother's Day.

Let us walk this journey towards transformation together!

So here's to being a mother or a mother like figure in your journey toward victory!
Olivia Myles


  1. That was really inspirational, oliva. Sad..but powerful too

    all the best

  2. It was very inspirational!! I am following you from MBC

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  4. What a great blog!!

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