Isaiah- My 5 year old Hero

Here is my surviving and thriving hero and inspiration.

Isaiah is funny, sensitive, a talker, and loving.

He is starting the "why" phase of his 5 year old life and that has been interesting.  I am also learning because when he asks me why and I don't know I need to do my research!

The Joys of motherhood.

But this post is not about me, that's for another time; this post is about Isaiah.

He is awesome.  He is Joy and Grace.

He is happiness and smile.

I say all that to say that Isaiah has been through a lot.  He also experienced the loss of his brother 2 years ago and went through a lot.

He went through nightmares and behavioral problems at school and also sleep problems.

I am so grateful for his spirit and his courage!

So Here's to Isaiah!

Olivia Myles


  1. Hi Olivia! My heart goes out to you!! You are one courageous woman. May God bless and keep you and your son. Found you on MBC 100. ~ Jan

  2. Hi Olivia, wow, just found your blog. Following you now from MBC. xxx

  3. Olivia! I feel silly to say anything. I wish I could help in the healing process but I really wish you did not have to experience this pain at all.
    May God bless you and deliver the healing that only He can deliver to you and your family.
    nikonsniper steve

  4. Olivia, by the big smile, you would never know that Isaiah (your little hero) has already faced such astronomical challenges in life.

    I lift you and your family in prayer for God's wisdom, compassion and guidance through this journey of life.

    I pray God continues to preserve's Isaiah's spirit to accomplish his purpose.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Real Business Moms (Atlanta)