It's OK to recieve

I wanted to that about receiving now more than ever because we are in a time that we all need to come together.

I want to stress the point that you are not alone.  Tap into some people that can help you get to where you want to go.

Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to receive help.  You don't have to live this life alone or in a constant struggle.

Your way may not be THE way... look around you and breathe in a receiving mentality so that you are not stressed and overwhelmed at what you can't do.

Focus on what you can, get advice when needed, step up, and make things happen.

I believe in you... You must believe in yourself.

If you are a spiritual person, make sure you are constantly growing spiritually-- if you're not growing your dying---

Keep the Faith, and receive.

The one thing I will say just to keep balance is please make sure you are not only receiving but giving as well.

Giving and receiving are brother and sister...

stay focused

Stay balanced

Stay open

So Here's to receiving!

Olivia Myles

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