Stay Commited

I wanted to remind you that even though you may be in a place that is clear as mud; I want you to stay committed.

Stay committed to your family.

Stay committed to yourself.

Stay committed to your community.

Don't give up.

 You are special.

And in order for you to continue to believe that; I need you to stay committed.

Now if you have a lot of commitments that may be overwhelming  Eliminate some of them, but don't quit them all. You need that community and the communication with others to really make it through.

Now you may be thinking as you read this "how in the world am I suppose to stay committed to my commitments when I can even get out of the bed?

We'll I'm here to tell you that your commitments can help you get out of bed!   And given out of bed is the first step towards your victory.

 So here's to keeping our commitments and getting out of the bed!
Olivia Myles

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