Summer is almost here!

I am excited that summer is almost here; but more importantly Isaiah is excited because he gets to sleep in and go to summer camp!
I love summer camp.
He is going on field trips and meeting new friends, I am so jealous :)
Is there a summer camp for moms?
Here is the rules; Play the Wii on the weekends and have fun in summer camp.
I know it's not a lot but for a five year old those rules are golden and just enough to get him to take action!
He cleans his room, brushes his teeth, and ...(drum roll please)  Takes a Bath!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Summer!
So here's to summer, summer camps, and playing the Wii on the weekend!
Olivia Myles


  1. yay! Summer camps for MOMs, I think the rules should be "put your feet up with a good book at least once a day" and "chocolate chip cookies and milk every night at bedtime" -
    my kind of summer camp:)

    thank you for stopping by and commenting - I love those!

  2. Oh I can't wait for summer either!! We have 7 school days left and they we are free lol!

  3. Found you through MBC100...please follow back?

    Good luck with all your summer fun!

    <3 sarasophia