Should we create our own stimulus package?

I was in my MasterMind 4 Success group last week and we were talking as if we had already accomplished the things that we wanted out of life.

So here is what I said;

I am a excellent wife and mother of three.

I have founded 2 successful non-profit organizations.

I have a successful Marketing Firm that helps small businesses go from good to great.

I received my MBA at UT Dallas and my PHD in Psychology at UNT.

I am helping people get out of debt and changing generational curses into blessings!

I was thinking about this and all I could do is smile :)  We have the power to create our own stimulus package. All we have to do is tap into that power and follow our nudges.

Take Action!

So Here's to my Future and all that it will be!
Olivia Myles


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