Be Grateful

I have been in a place of "if" "then" lately and it has gotten me no where. I was in a place of ungratefulness. I kept thinking about my son and how I missed him. I was fretting over his death that I forgot that he actually lived.

I say that to say we need to remember that our loved one actually lived:) They hugged us and kissed us and told us that they loved us. We need to remember that as they lived we were able to share in their presence and enjoy them and it is good to remember that.

I had just recently moved because I am going through an awesome transition and I was putting my clothes away in the closet and I started thinking about how blessed I am to have so many clothes!

It reminded me to be grateful for what I have and the people in my life. I am excited about my past and my future. I miss my son that is in heaven. I am also grateful for my son that is alive and here on earth.

I want to encourage you to be grateful for what you have and remember that you control your life and your thoughts. Start being grateful and you will see the healing start to flow within you.

So here's to being grateful!

Olivia Myles

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about the death of Josiah. What a handsome little guy. I lost my 10 y/o in a swimming accident in July of 2007. Over two years have passed and I still shed many tears however I have a wonderful life and am so greatful for the time I had with my amazing son and my 3 living children. God is good and has sustained me through my grief. Blessing to you and your family,