How do we choose where to buy our food?

For lunch today me and Sam went to Tom Thumb grocery store to buy a sandwich. When I walked in I was impressed by how a grocery store could feel so warm and inviting. I saw a nut bar and a Kosher Market section. There were baskets of flowers placed in all the right places.

I normally don't shop at Tom Thumb because they are more expensive than Walmart or Sprouts but I was by just spending those few minutes in there wanting to grab a basket and start buying food!

Why is that?

I asked Sam this question: When we chose a place to shop do we focus on price, experience, or both?

He said "I shop according to price."

I'm not sure I agree or disagree but my experience tells me that as far as my food I must chose price over experience because I shop at Walmart.

I find it very interesting that each grocery store (even though it has the same food) is different. I think it's great, but I also think it may be excessive in how we buy food.

So Here's to Tom thumb grocery store... or to the food buying experience in general.

Olivia Myles

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