No Shortcuts -2-

I have decided to do a series on my weight loss journey titled "no shortcuts."

There will be no promise to post on a daily or weekly basis; but the promise is that when I do post about my weight loss journey it will be titles "no shortcuts" with the number next to it.

In a continuation of the previous post - I have decided on the exercise program that I will use.  It's called Slim in 6: the goal is to follow this program and focus on 20 pounds at a time. It is a home program made by Beach body.  I decided to try it because they also make the P90X and my husband has had some great success with it.

I am OK with not being perfect; I will most likely still eat chocolate and drink diet coke but the goal is moderation and daily steps to get healthy.

I will also have the dreaded before picture posted so that my progress can be accurately tracked.  

So here's to No Shortcuts and the dreadful before picture!
Olivia Myles

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