Women Today

I was thinking about the role of the woman and how it has changed over the years.

This train of thought came when I was talking to st James and Sam. We started talking about the contemporary woman and the difference between then and now. St James brought up his memories of his mother and how every morning without fail his mothr would wake up and make breakfast for him and his brothers and sisters. Sam remembering the same thing about his grandmother agreed that he had the same experience.  I was intriged at how much they had in common about the subject of the new woman.

Now me playing the devils advocate disagreed with what they were saying 1 because I was the only woman present 2 because I wanted to hear thief experience and perspective on the subject. The more I disagreed the more they were explaining or proving why they were right and I was deceived   

My defenses  did go up not because I disagreed with what they were saying I felt like I didn't measure up to this iconic woman that they both so ready describe as the real women

I don't cook breakfast every morning for my son. I do question my husband. I don't keep the house spotless. I so aspire to finish school and have a career. I am like the total opposite of who they were describing.

Then the conversation geared towards why this has happened and why the women now is so different from the woman today. The end result was society is to blame. Social norms now were not social norma then and we now have women who at one point couldn't vote now running for president and vice president.

I don't have a personal conclusion to the conversation we had about the new women. I know that mo matter where we are in life we should cherish and learn from every moment.

I did that in this conversation and I pray that there are many more like it

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