Are we Screen Literate?

Moving images are becoming the center of our culture. With Youtube being one of the largest search engines in the world, our culture is moving away from books and into moving images. This technology shift has made room for the consumer in film to also be the creator. Kevin Kelly in his article Becoming Screen Literate uses the analogy of the food chain to describe the future of motion pictures. In his analogy, the tiger represents Hollywood and the grasshopper represents Youtube and movie remixes; Kelly suggests we study the bottom of the food chain of motion pictures because “the bottom is where the action is, and where screen literacy originates.” In this example, studying consumer made movies will help us determine the future of screen literacy because it represents a shift in cultural norms.

To make Kelly’s article come to life, I found a movie on Youtube that shows screen literacy in action. In the
Movies Remixed we have movies mashed together to create one movie. Mashup and remixes take effort and understanding of both digital and textual literacy. The remixer has to create a new message from the message that was already created. This level of digital literacy is why Youtube is a great website and resource. As consumers, we can now create and this creation ability breeds creativity and community because we are no longer limited to just Hollywood films as the main source of motion picture films. 

Olivia Myles

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