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The Media is a touchy subject because if we get in too deep or start to question too much it challenges our ideologies and what we stand on as a country; that of freedom. Since we are creatures of habit and we tend to gravitate towards what is familiar, I have come to the conclusion that regardless of how many times we ‘prove’ that we have been mislead or flat out lied to by the Media we will still continue to watch it.

Television is the worst because it shows emotion. I don’t watch the news because I haven’t found a station that works for me and my exact biases. This is a strong statement to make but it’s true. If I want to know the weather I go online to weather.com and I type my zip code and voila, the weather. Because I still like to stay knowledgeable of what’s going on around me I use the internet to sift through stories to find information. This is time consuming and can be overwhelming but I feel I get the most accurate information when I do this. The Media is a business, so I treat it like that. I only go in when I need something, sometimes I buy something and sometimes I don’t. If I like the results I will tell a friend or tow and if not I will tell twenty.

This is my view of the Media. I get annoyed when people put the Media on a pedestal when hey are all about getting ratings and selling ‘the next best thing’ to us. This is frustrating because when we think we are getting just the news it is really something they pulled out of the oceans. Speaking of oceans do you remember the Shark attack scare? In a movie we watched in class Media Hype it talked about the Shark attacks being covered on the news as ‘breaking news’ but in reality there was not a huge jump in shark attacks at all. The movie made a statement that you we’re more likely to get struck by lighting than bitten by a shark. I thought this was sad. It’s sad that if there is no news the Media can’t just say there is no news instead they have to make up stories to continue to feed our ritual of watching the daily news. This perpetual cycle is what creates space to lies and deceit. If we want our freedom back we have to take it back. This is a huge challenge because we don’t even realize that our freedom has been taken away.

Olivia Myles

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