Strong Ties, Weak Ties

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I read a concept in chapter 3 of Jill Rettberg’s book Blogging (Digital Media and Society) on strong and weak ties that I thought was intriguing. Strong ties are people in your immediate circle who usually know who you know and weak ties are people you know of but are not really close. The definition wasn’t what I found fascinating; it was how she explained the importance of having both strong and weak ties to create a successful network that was beneficial to me.

Before reading this chapter I thought having strong ties was all one needed to be successful. Having a tight knit network that you can rely on and they can rely on you. This is important but a weak tie is equally important according to Rettberg because it allows you access to information that would not get from your strong ties because the people in your strong ties usually have the same information as you. Weak ties allow you to continue to stay connected to things outside your circle which gives you access to a variety of resources. This additional access of information acts as “bridges between social groups.” Pg 59

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