Stuck in a Cave without really knowing it

In the Plato’s Cave the people were stuck in the cave and didn’t want to leave because that was their reality; they didn’t want to venture into the unknown.  In Walter Lippman’s The world outside and the Pictures in our Heads, he talks about us making something in our heads more than what it really is in reality.  To make these writings relevant today I am going to compare the Cave to how we see celebrities in our current culture.  Celebrities are just regular people ... or are they?  They eat just like us, sleep like us, etc, but we put them on a high pedestal as if they are god like.  We as a culture have put celebrities in a “Cave” of greatness and to treat them like anything else would be treason or an exit strategy to leave the cave.

Our culture is conditioned to recognize people who have record deals or won Academy Awards as greater than the stay at home mom or the college student even though we are all human. This recognition or conditioning is what Plato was talking about in his writing Plato’s Cave.  We like things to be the same even though we claim to be individualistic.  We like people to tell us what to buy or where to eat even though we say we are an independent people. 

This thinking stems from the idea that change is hard to accept and if something works just keep on doing it because it’s what we know.  I think to challenge this will be pointless just like it was in Plato’s Cave because people will go to great lengths to justify why they do the things they do so that it makes it seem like it’s a choice they are actively making so they don’t have to change.

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