I'm Sold

This week in class we had some great presentations and conversations on Life hacking. The presentations put Life Hacking in perspective for me. I always thought it wasn’t something that I would do or care to learn about and I was wrong. I Thought Life Hacking only had to do with computers, and creating code. My degree is in Emerging Media and not Computer Science therefore I assumed it wouldn’t be relevant.

Again, I say, I was wrong. Life Hacking is something I do all the time. I used YouTube to learn how to braid my hair using extensions and I was successful in learning so I didn't have to spend the time and money for someone else to braid it for me. I was using Life Hacking; I was finding a more efficient way to do something to better my life. This is just one example of how I used the power of technology to improved my life.

One of the presenters in my class made a great point; she said “Life Hacking is not Self- Help because that implies something is wrong and need fixing, instead Life Hacking is an improvement on a situation so you have more efficiency and forward progress.” Using this explanation and applying it to my hair braiding session on Youtube it makes sense. I didn’t have a problem going to the hair shop and sitting in a chair for 10 hours to get my hair braided and then paying for the service, I just wanted a better way, and for me that was learning how to do it myself.

Life Hacking can be empowering because you can learn and discover new things and apply them to your life to create a better you. I’m sold.

Olivia Myles

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