Privacy has taken on a new meaning since the we have access to so much information.  We put so much of our information online because it helps us take advantage of the services it has available.  When the search engine catches our spelling mistakes or asks "did you mean...?" We feel good, it understands us.  The challenge with this understanding is it stores our history and studies our past searches in order to constantly get better.

This doesn't bother me as much as the Facebook targeted ads.  Facebook targeted ads comes from data about my likes and dislikes from my profile.  It annoys me not because of the ads, but because the personalization of the ads takes away my anonymity.  An ad is an ad, I've come to just deal with them, but when an ad has my name on it, it's talking directly to me, this puts the company or product in my face, and it's harder for me to ignore.  I am disgusted by that. When I get on facebook I don't want to be advertised to directly, I want to see pictures of my friends and family.

Olivia Myles

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