Black Women Unmarried

I was watching an ABC special on black woman being unmarried and I wasn’t surprised.  It is frustrating, but acceptable; then I asked why? In an attempt to answer this question I talked to my friend.  She is black, single, educated, and in her late 30’s.  I asked her why she wasn’t married. The first thing she said was “because I’m educated, and men are intimidated by me.” I asked her why she accepted it and she said because she was willing to wait for the right man although she didn’t agree with being single, she felt she had no choice.  My friend had a very similar reaction to the women in the ABC interview.  The feeling of helplessness. Understanding that she is not willing to settle, therefore, she is single.  Are men intimated because of the stereotype portrayed in the media that women should be passive. Is this a result of the Media? Janis Sanchez-Hucles et al. writes, “Ads have historically portrayed people of color in subservient roles and jobs unless they were in athletics or entertainment” PG 63. Since black women have been portrayed in the media as subservient, it has translated into men being intimidated by them in relationships because when they come across a woman that is different from what they have seen, they do not know what to do or how to treat her. In the special Steve Harvey blames this on the older black male not teaching the younger ones, he even suggests the women find an older man to satisfy there “biological clock” or need to get married.  The women responded they are not going to settle. I agree, why should they?

Sanchez-Hucles, Janis, Hidgins, Patrick, and Gamble, Kimberly "Reflection and Distortion: Woman of Color in Magazine Advertisements." Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Mass Media and Society. Eds. Alison Alexander and Jarice Hanson. 10th ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 1991-2007. 2. Print.

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