The Business of Being Born

I was watching a documentary on birth done by Ricki Lake and I was frustrated at technology regarding delivering babies. I understand that technology is apart of our culture and it represents who we are, but since when does technology replace nature? That is exactly what is going on in the birthing world. In the documentary Ricki Lake exposes OBGYNs, hospitals, and insurance companies on how they are trying to take over birthing centers and midwives. In the film, most OBGYNs states they have never seen a natural birth; only medically induced births. Ricki tries to inform our culture on a new way to look at birth, she takes us back to the basics the way nature intended which is to have our babies naturally. Now I am mindful that medical intervention is sometimes necessary and we should take advantage if need be, but what I don’t understand is scheduling a C-Section and a tummy tuk in the same surgery; especially when the baby is not at any risk and a vagina birth is an option.
This documentary reminded me of how microwavable we have become as a society. We want things now, with as less pain as possible. Microwaving birth takes away the woman’s power, and belief in her ability as a woman. It shelters the very thing that makes us special and set apart from our male counterparts. It also leaves room for birth to no longer mean anything which could lesson the bond between parent and child.

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