The Daily Show- Real News?

We have so much to stimulate us now that we can’t focus on the news unless it is entertaining.  Because the Daily Show is so entertaining I can see why we have so many young people looking to it for political information even though the information presented “is more likely to be associated with recognition of campaign information than it is with recall of actual information.” PG 204
This is scary because how are we as voters going to make informed decisions on which politician we are going to vote for if we don’t have accurate information about the candidate or the issues they support? I know based on my research that each source of information has a different bias and are for different audiences; the challenge with the youth and the Daily Show is that it is their only source of “news” because they are not reading or seeking out other sources to make decisions or get informed about issues. Because we have so many sources now for information we are reading less and taking in fewer facts.  Our methods of delivering information is becoming flawed and if we are not careful we will minimize reading so far that the books that we are founded on will be extinct.  We have already lost city libraries; what’s next?  It is because of the Daily Show and similar programs like it that our youth don’t seek out the local newspaper or articles for information sources; I don’t like it and I’m not sure how to change it.

Hollander, Barry. "Is Fake News Journalism." Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Mass Media and Society. Eds. Alison Alexander and Jarice Hanson. 10th ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 1991-2007. 204. Print.

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