Obama Tax Deal

I read three articles on the issue about former president Clinton and current president Obama and how Clinton was backing up Obama in the tax deal. I read three different articles to get a good understanding of the issue and what was being said. I read, Fox News, and MSNBC. The difference between the three articles is how our current president is portrayed. In CNNMoney, the focus of the article was on money, it was talking about the bottom line and how the tax deal would effect our economy. This was a total different take than Fox and MSNBC which took the route that Clinton was just trying to pacify the Democrats and Obama needed his help to do so. Fox and MSNBC both mentioned that after Clinton started talking Obama had to leave for holiday parties; this seemed irrelevant and I think they put it in there to suggest he was a slacker or something negativjavascript:void(0)e. Seeing the difference in tone and information on the same topic is why I read multiple news sources to get information, they all have their biases so i try to get as well rounded information as possible.

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