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I decided to go with hegemony for my paper. I chose the media artifact the game show The Biggest Loser. I will be making the claim that The Biggest Loser game show conveys and reinforces negative stereotypes of ideal body image, validates social image hegemony, supports unrealistic weight loss goals for people not on the show, and debases self-esteem. I chose hegemony because it describes the power struggle between cultures, politics and class. I will apply the same definition of power struggle to a different application of social image.  I will make the claim The Biggest Loser game show is representing the society in the power struggle between fat and skinny people.  I make the claim that it undermines fat people and tries to protect the cultural image that skinny is cool and fat is not. I foresee this being a great paper because it will challenge me as a writer, as I am presenting a new application to an old idea.  I will have to make my point using research and logic.  I will also have to analyze The Biggest Loser game show and pick out the moments where social image hegemony is most prevalent.  I am up for the challenge. 

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