Pregnacy in Advertising

This ad can appear to be empowering, celebrating woman, and celebrating pregnancy. This is a non alcoholic beverage so the pregnant woman won't be left out when everyone else is drinking and hanging out, she could be social as well.  The downside to this ad is the perception that drinking while pregnant is okay.  I think the problem with most ads is not the direct message, but the indirect message, The underlying message. In this ad the underlying message is drinking and alcoholic beverage is okay while pregnant, or that pregnant woman don't have self control when it comes to drinking.  It also is sexually demeaning to woman because the model has an unrealistic body for a pregnant woman. The only thing that is big on her is her stomach, everything else is proportional with no spots, freckles, or stretch marks. The other problem I have is if someone who see this ad and can’t read or does not see the text on the side that said non alcoholic, because the glass she is holding is a beer glass and she’s giving it more attention and emphasis than her baby.  Both her arms are visible but the arm holding the drink is more prominent which could suggest she cares more about her drink than she does her own child. This is a selfish ad, and it represents selfish woman which is not typical of pregnant woman.

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