Rizzoli & Isles: Female cops in the Media

Rizzoli & isles Female cops in the Media.  Response to “Why are TV's top female crimefighters always turned into 'girls?'.”  I read this article and I thought about Rizzoli & Isles, a female detective show mainly about a female detective and a female medical examiner.  Both women are beautiful and clearly feminine, defined by long hair, makeup, and designer clothing.  The interesting thing about these woman are their personalities, which are stereotypical of woman in television.  Rizzoli, a ‘tom boy’ who dreamed of being a detective, and Isles who is a beautiful ‘geek’.  These are the classic portrayals of woman cops in the media.  After looking at the article I linked to above, I thought about the personalities of the women featured compared to Rizzoli and discovered they are similar. Olivia Benson on "Law & Order: SVU is tough, and resilient just like Rizzoli, the only difference is she wasn’t as ‘pretty’ as Rizzoli from the beginning of the show.  This progression of appearance could indicate female empowerment.  Is it possible to be beautiful and smart?  Because the personalities aren’t that different between Benson and Rizzoli, the media is deciding that women can be beautiful and solve crimes.  Wow, what am improvement! (I’m being sarcastic here.) It is interesting to see the transitions of female cops in television, whether they are good or bad, they are different and the question is why? It may be because of television ratings, or woman writers or producers.  Maybe the demographics have changed or people are more comfortable with portraying gender roles accurately. Female cops are fascinating in television because it’s hard for them to find a happy medium between ‘being the tough guy’ or being the ‘damsel in distress’.

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