Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage has become more acceptable in our culture. In a Fox news report on the states that approve same sex marriage the majority rules with no. This is not surprising because change is hard to do.  As a culture the only people who get married are male and female.  The interesting part about this news segment was when she states “the attitudes in the pole appear to be generational, the younger you are, the more likely you are to support the idea.” This statement grabbed my attention because I wanted to explore why this was so. As we look through sitcoms, and movies we can see the gradual acceptance of same sex relationships through these mediums.  In the 1960s a family represented on television was The Brady Bunch, or The Addams Family where you have a mother, father, and children.  The generation of people who knew that to be family are now older and mot likely are the people fighting against same sex marriage. It goes against what they know; it challenges their standards of family. Whereas today television shows like Modern Family, and Glee is what the media is representing family as currently. Movies like Milk that show struggle and fight for rights that ignite passion in people who want equality for all also represents a voice to be heard on gay rights. The media is allowing same sex marriage a voice. If the media indicates how the current generation feels about same sex marriage, it would make sense that the younger you are the more you would agree with this issue.  Does the media truly have this much power?

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