Schick ad

The ad I chose to analyze I found in the Women’s Health Magazine Issue June 2010.  My lens or view of criticism will be feminist criticism.  The ad is by Schick and it is advertising their product Intuition plus.  It is a full page add of a water fall, only showing the arm and leg of a woman holding the product with the slogan “just add water.”  On the surface this ad is straight forward, you see immediately what the product is because it is shown twice on the page. There is also a description of the product at the bottom; it reads, “The Schick Intuition Plus has everything you need in one razor...” The description is not my concern though; my concern is the image of the women or the lack there of.  The ad only contains the arm and the leg of a women, where is the rest of her? Is she not important enough to have a face?  These are the questions I asked myself with the feminist criticism lens on.  This ad is silencing to women.  It takes away the voice and expressions of the woman.  With no face, she is not allowed to express herself or give feeling to this product.  It clearly suggests women are not important which is a clear contradiction because women is the target for this product.  The silencing of women by only putting in the arm and leg is a bold statement; but to take it a step further, the fact that the arm and leg is atypical for the average women in America is a disgrace.  The arm and leg is perfect; no freckle, hair or blemish.  This is a hard arm and leg to compete with. It set unrealistic ideals for women in our society to live up to, which could potentially lead to low self-esteem, and body image confusion.

Brummett, Barry. Rhetoric in Popular Culture. 3rd. Sage, 181. Print.

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