Teen Pregnancy

Definitions according to Barry Brummett
Discrete text: one with clear boundaries in time and space.
Diffuse text: one with a perimeter or boundary that is not so clear, one that is mixed up with other signs PG 90.

Teen pregnancy in 2008 appeared discrete. With interviews done by CBS with experts and teen moms and the movie Juno, I thought, no wonder the ‘teen pregnancy was on the rise.’ All the teens are getting pregnant because there are so many things in the media that would suggest teen pregnancy is okay.
This is what I thought until I looked further into the issue and discovered teen pregnancy is really a diffused text. The spike in teen pregnancy according the CDC happened from year 2005-2006 was 3% and it has been steady, so the CBS interview is three years to late. I think this is because the media is finally starting to catch up with reality in this issue. Teenagers have either been degraded or praised in the media for their choice to have a baby as a teen. This contradiction I think is what is causing the conflict and controversy. With shows like MTVs 16 and Pregnant it is hard for teens to understand the difference between reality TV and real life; the blur in some teens perception is why I think Teen Pregnancy is not discrete, but a diffusion.

Brummett, Barry. Rhetoric in Popular Culture. 3rd. Sage, 90. Print

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