No matter what; we NEED God

As Christians we must remember never to put ourselves or our accomplishments before God.  We serve a zealous God and he wants what’s best for us as his children. 
We cannot let pride get the best of us. Pride can sneak up on you and can show in many forms.  Keeping God first will help you eliminate pride in your life.  The elimination of pride will allow you to walk in the promises that God has for you. 
He will never leave you: Deuteronomy 31:8
He will answer your prayers: 1 John 3:22
He will keep you: Romans 8: 38-39
He will work miracles in your life: Mark 9: 23
This is a very limited list of Gods Promises.  I just wanted to give you an idea that our God is amazing and we cannot afford to mess up our relationship with him because of our pride.
Practical Application: We must admit when we’re wrong, and never put ourselves and our successes before God. Ask God to help you stay humble he will do it!  No matter what stay in God’s word and don’t stop praying.
Until Next Time
May God Bless You

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