Bible study choices: How To - Bible Study Series

One of the best ways to grow within your faith is joining a Bible studies class. There may be classes given through your church, a local church or even through the community or local library. Bible studies can also be given online and can be on any topics related to the Bible. Just a few examples of many possibilities would be Bible studies on the book of Daniel or the book of Esther or how to have a follower of Jesus Christ if you are a new Christian. With so many choices and possibilities, you may be wondering how to choose the best study for you. Here are some tips and strategies that will hopefully make that decision just a little easier.
  • Decide what you are interested in. The Bible is a vast array of stories, faith, love, prophecies and other lessons. You must decide before joining a Bible study class what you are interested in. Have you always been drawn to the book of Revelations? Or maybe the book of Lamentations? Or maybe the life of Jesus Christ? If at all possible search out your interests first. If there isn't any Bible studies on a subject you are interested in you may consider reading the Bible for yourself on the topic, and even suggesting it as a topic of study to your local church leadership.
  • Join with a friend. If you have a close Christian friend, ask them if they would be interested in joining you in the class. If you join any new experience with someone you trust, it makes the situation much more comfortable. Because of this, you are able to focus your attention to the task at hand, which is studying the Bible and building your relationship with Jesus Christ rather than wondering what everyone is thinking about you. Focus on what God is saying to you on the topic through His word, not on what others think.
  • Remain committed. The Bible is a very intense and deep read. Bible studies are usually time intensive. At times you may feel overwhelmed and think that you are not getting anything from the teachings. Of course this is not true because as we all know God is good (psalms 73:1) and nothing from His Word comes back void (Isaiah 55:11). Stick with the Lord, open your heart and remain committed. Pray to the Lord to let the words become clearer to you and profess how committed you are to Him and the Bible study. If you are faithful to Him, He in return will be faithful to you and allow you to interpret the learning with much more ease.
  • Allow yourself to make a mistake. If you join a Bible study and after prayer and careful thought you feel that it is truly not the class for you, allow yourself to move on. The Lord wants you to grow in your faith and your relationship with Him. If you feel this Bible study is not assisting with that, you may want to seek out another Bible study. The purpose of a Bible study is to surround yourself with like minded people so you may study and learn from the Lord’s word. If you are not feeling fulfilled by your group then definitely visit another group. Keep at it until you find the one that you can truly open your heart to and remain committed to. It is also important not to go from group to group without truly hearing from God. Remember stay committed, You won't regret the outcome.
A Bible study class is one of the many tools we have to grow closer in our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and keep our Faith the focus in our life. By choosing a class carefully and staying devoted to the Lord and the teachings of the Bible, we can only become more fulfilled and excited about our growing faith in Jesus Christ.

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